Create and host personal site with jekyll and keybase

It’s easy to create personal site like this one with jekyll and host it on keybase.

1. Create website in jekyll

To install ruby and all other prerequisities for jekyll, follow diligently instruction with all links on this site:

2. Optionally replace theme

Once I had step one working, I’ve replaced whole project folder with this theme (I’ve only added small tweaks to make it working for keybase pages:

3. Change content

Change content as you like, it needs to be your site :)

4. Build

Build with command as bundle exec jekyll build

5. Deploy

Once you have built your website, all content is under _site folder. Just copy everything from _site folder to your keybase public folder. In my case I copied to K:\public\janheski (I’m on windows machine).

That’s all, your site is browsable on https://[yourkeybaseuser] like mine is as you can experience:

6. (Optional) Keep control on changes using git

It’s good idea to version control your website using git. You have encrypted git hosting already in keybase. More on

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